Arctic Lake Resort

66°13’39”N 24°59’00”E

we want you to feel relaxed and in touch with pure nature. we are offering guests a unique experience, where you can leave behind the stress of the day to day world, at Lapland’s stunningly beautiful natural environment.

panoramic views from the windows of the villas provide impressive spectacles of the arctic lake, forest and skies.

The northern lights and midnight sun can be admired from the comfort of your bed.

each villa is extremely well heat insulated to ensure guests are not bothered by the cold in even the coldest times at night. it is nice to be back in your warm and cosy villa after exploring surroundings, e.g. snowshoeing on the hunt of the Northern Lights.

Restaurant Pisa

Although Kätkä Arctic Lake resort is remotely located outside of town, you won´t have to compromise any treats or delicacies. flavor and traditional food preparation methods are characteristic of the restaurant and the three-course dinner menu.

Kätkä Arctic Lake Resort is far from the crowds and in the middle of the arctic nature.

remote location gives you opportunity to relax and enjoy privacy. but if you want to experience the santa claus village in rovaniemi, go downhill skiing or visit the icebreaker in kemi, they are all within the short distance. arriving is easy using our shuttle service, taxi or by your own car.

Arctic ice comes in many different colours and forms. Feel its warmth and coolness as you immerse yourself in a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience, one you won’t forget. Come to Arctic North Europe and Finnish Lapland.

you will find peace and relaxation

We warmly welcome you


6 high standard villas for 2 persons

total capacity of for 16 persons

-main building-

restaurant for 30 persons


sauna for 8 persons

hot tub

dock for swimming in lake

Estimated Flight Times:

Amsterdam - Rovaniemi  3      Hours

Beijing - Rovaniemi       10    Hours

Dubai - Rovaniemi          7      Hours

London - Rovaniemi       3      Hours

Moscow - Rovaniemi      3      Hours

New York - Rovaniemi     8      Hours

Paris - Rovaniemi           4      Hours

Zurich - Rovaniemi        4      Hours


Northern Lights Experiences

Lapland is the perfect destination to witness one of nature's most spectacular phenomenon – the Northern Lights. On average the Aurora Borealis appear in the sky about 200 times a year, so there are plenty of opportunities to spot them.

Ice Fishing on Arctic Lake

Experience silence and whiteness around you on frozen forest lake. Guided trip to the beautiful Lake Kätkäjärvi for ice-fishing.

Arctic Dreaming in Hammock

Take a relaxing nap in middle of the forest. Let your tired brain rest in the lap of nature. Feel the tranquility, calmness and silence around you.

Cycling & Winter Fatbiking

Fatbikes are bicycles with extra wide tyres, making riding easier and more ecological in the forest and on soft trails, even on snow.

Experience the nature of Lapland by bike all year-round.

Snowshoes Excursions

A fantastic and active way to enjoy the pure nature of Lapland is trekking on snowshoes. Reach some of the most spectacular and untouched spots of beauty, breathe fresh air, and listen to the silence.

Reindeer Farm Visit

Reindeer are domesticated wild animals. They live part of the year free in forests and other part with people who owns them.  Reindeer farmers life is connected to the nature and the year of the reindeer.

Take the glimpse of reindeer farm life and learn how the people live there with reindeer and nature around them. Feel and see the spirit of Lapland.

Feel the Pure Nature

Arctic Mountain Nature trail in Kätkävaara

Walk with your eyes and ears open. Listen and hear. Feel the breeze on your skin, the raindrops on your cheeks. Sink your bare toes into soft moss as your hands pet rough rock surfaces. Fill your lungs with the purest of air in the world. Breathe in deeply and know that you exist.

Water Activities

The clear water and fresh air of Lapland invites you to enjoy all the different kinds of water activities Kätkä Arctic Lake Resort has to offer. The northern lakes and rivers provide an amazing environment for both relaxation and action. SUP boarding and other activities.

Winter swimming in arctic lake.

Relaxing Sauna

In the sauna the body purifies, soul rests and heart recovers to believe again. In sauna all people are equal. Sauna is pure and sacred. Sauna heals the world, soul at a time.