SALT production ltd is a Finnish production house with a strong

commitment to develop and realize contemporary stories

and border - crossing art projects for the national and

international film market.

SALT provides also production services for domestic

and international productions.

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SALT productions ltd is Helsinki based production company, established 2002 to bring unique and personal features and series into home and international film market.

SALT´s first feature film was TAPPAVA TALVI directed by Marcus Hägg.                             

why Finland?

we´re at the very north of Europe, bordering countries such as Sweden, Norway and Russia.   accessible from anywhere else in Scandinavia.

”Finland offers diverse landscape and filming possibilities throughout the year thanks  to it´s unique natural conditions - from midnight sun and summer heat to long winters and guaranteed snow. with a thousand kilometers of coastline, over 188,ooo lakes and almost as many islands, vibrant modern cities, charming old wooden towns  and almost 40 national parks, Finland has it all.”

a compact, wealthy contry, Finland has a reliable, highly efficient transport network  that allows one to make full use of entire country from south to north.

finally, Finland has her people - talented professionals

with a very high level of expertise, worldwide admired

for their conscientiousness, positive attitude

and motivation.

SALT has more than decade of experience in producing and serving commercials,

music videos, feature film, tv-series and photo shoots.

we will ensure that each job trough us is handled with professionalism and

enthusiasm - and a dedicated a secure personal touch.

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